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Progress Profiles innovative and patented PRODESO® HEAT SYSTEM allows to quickly heat floors heating bringing pleasant warm and comfortable environment with ease of installation and moderate cost. The system can be used on several types of substrate thanks to the membrane properties. Temperature and operating schedule can be remotely controlled from a WIFI thermostat that allows to manage comfort and reduce energy cost. The system is quick and easy to install and has an overall thickness of only 5.5 mm or 7/32”, It is maintenance free, reduce the carbon footprint of your house while also satisfying the needs of contemporary architecture and home automation. PRODESO® HEAT MEMBRANE unique design allows for:


• Flexible heating zone selection

• Cost and time saving installation

• Uncoupling crack isolation

• Vapor management • Waterproofing

• Support load distribution

• Small height increase 7/32” - 5,5 mm

Prodeso Heat Membrane roll

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